Pohl Podcasts

Chris McKitterick's SF Novel course this week is covering Frederik Pohl's Gateway, so in conjunction with that I'd like to highlight the materials on the AboutSF podcast written by Pohl.

Episodes 020 and 021 of the AboutSF Podcast: Kim Stanley Robinson!

It's been a long, busy summer, but now we're starting to settle back into the school year. Our first offering of this semester will be another two-part interview conducted by Film & Media Studies professor John Tibbetts, this time with Hugo, Nebula, and Campbell-Award winning author, Kim Stanley Robinson.

Episode 019 of the AboutSF Podcast, with Robert Bloch.

We dive back into podcasting with another classic interview, with horror and science fiction writer Robert Bloch.

Film & Media Studies professor John Tibbetts donated this and many other interviews to the CSSF. This conversation with Bloch took place at the fifteenth World Fantasy Convention in 1990, which celebrated H.P. Lovecraft. Bloch was a member of the Lovecraft Circle, and was mentored by him.

Episode 018 of the AboutSF Podcast, with T.E.D. Klein, and ConQuest

A month of podcasting comes to a close, with the latest episode of the AboutSF Podcast found here:

This is yet another excellent interview that Film & Media Studies professor John Tibbetts donated to the CSSF. This conversation with T.E.D. Klein is a look at someone who helped shape the horror genre in the 1980s and a man who struggles with something common to every writer I know, writer's block.

Episode 014 of the AboutSF Podcast: John Tibbetts' interview with L. Sprague De Camp

We have a new episode of the AboutSF podcast, for your edification and listening pleasure:

This episode is a recorded interview Film & Media Studies associate professor John Tibbetts conducted with L. Sprague De Camp. The interview covers how De Camp got started as a professional writer and the process of creating many of his works.

Science Fiction Podcasts!

I've mentioned our YouTube site, where we feature talks with China Mieville, Greg Bear, Forrest J. Ackerman, Frederick Pohl, and Isaac Asimov.

But you should also check out our series of audio podcasts at PodOmatic. Our audio archivist (and all-around swell guy) Ben Cartwright has edited and uploaded several pieces, with more coming in the next few months.

These pieces include these readings: