'If Confucius Rose from the Grave ' by Marge Simon and J. Cloudman

The poem below is a speculative poem written in the context of a Confucian universe.

If Confucius rose from his grave,
He would look up to heaven and sigh deeply.
Confucius regards music as
A humanizing influence on barbaric behavior
What is today's society about ?
Music has become discordant noise ;
Sounds no longer please the soul
Since musicians became hired artists
For propaganda.

'Dark of the Moon ' by Mary Turzillo

The following poem is a humourous look at lycanthropy. The poem appeared in Turzillo's collection YOUR CAT & OTHER ALIEN SPECIES (Cleveland: Van Zeno, 2007). Her work has appeared frequently in ASIMOV"S and other leading showcases for sf/f/h poetry and has won the Rhysling.

Whiskers smelling of milk and tuna,
he slinks into his mistress's bedroom
intent on rubbing against her legs
and, since he is tonight her same species,
further up. Beware, werecat mistress,
the front claws, the barbed penis.

Eden 2350 by Marge Simon

Marge Simon has been the editor of STAR*LINE, the newsletter/journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. In the past nine years much of her work as a poet has been influenced by the THIRD MILLENIUM, a non-fiction work on the future direction of humanity. The following poem is an example of the poems by her that have influenced her work. It also has a strong flavor of Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD .

Eden 2350

I am the product
of the new monasticism,
a test tube child,
of same sex parents
from one of many private Eden's

"Search," by Geoffrey A. Landis

Geoffrey A. Landis is a physicist and SF poet. His work started to appear in the late 70s, and he has written poetry in all three genres. The poem "Search" is a fusion of science poem and narrative SF poem.

The poem appears in his latest collection IRON ANGELS (2010).

Songs of a Taoist by Yunsheng Jian

Below is a group of seven speculative poems written from a Taoist world view.

I am a drifting cloud,
a wild stork
on earth.

the Tao which can be explained
is not
the real Tao

the Tao begets the Universe
the universe begets
the Tao.

which is bigger ?
a mosquito
or a mountain.

the moon on a mountain,
a book near the pillow;
-oh such nights

I feel invigorated
and stronger
by coitus

let me sing a song
while my lover
is dead

"Termination Shock, Voyager" by Ann Schwader

Ann Schwader has a been active as a sf/f/h poet for over 20 years. Much of her work is concerned with the romance of space exploration, though her work does have a dark, nihilistic side to it.

The poem below first appeared in the sf/f poetry prozine MYTHIC DELIRIUM and has been reprinted in her collection WILD HUNT OF THE STARS (2010).

"Termination Shock, Voyager"

'But the launching of this bottle into the cosmic ocean
says something very hopeful about life on this planet'
-Carl Sagan

a brief blog and not a poem

A blog on speculative fiction, Raven's Roost, located at http://wc-roberts.livejournal.com/12935.html, is starting to publish a series of interviews with editors of speculative poetry journals. The first one is now up, and it's with Marge Simon, the editor of STAR*LINE, the newsletter/journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. It's well worth reading.

Sekhmet Dances by Denise Dumars

Denise Dumars has several parallel careers in the science fiction/fantasy/horrorr communities and being a poet is one of them. She is also a worshiper of the Egyptian goddess Isis. The poem below, 'Sekhmet Dances,' draws upon that belief system for its imagery and purpose.

"The Scarified Man," by Bruce Boston

In sf/f/h poetry,homages to the work of other writers, both within and without the science fiction/fantasy/horror genres. The following poem by Bruce Boston who is the leading poet in the sf/f/h genres is a tribute to Ray Bradbury through offering an interesting perspective on Bradbury's THE ILLUSTRATED MAN. The poem appeared in his newest collection DARK MATTER (2010).

'The Scarified Man'

The scarified man

is incised and burnt

with the inscriptions

of a lifetime.

Like tattoos, these intaglios

fade and change with time

"Fat Is Not a Fairy Tale," and "Kawaku Anansi Walks the World’s Web," by Jane Yolen

For reasons that are not entirely clear to me sf/f/h writers who write poetry and prose for the children's markets are not perceieved as sf/f/h writers but as 'children's writers. Now a sf/f/h writer who writes for ya markets is less likely to be perceived as a 'ya' writer but the two letters of y and a always seems to be attached to them. Now there are some sf/f/h writers who have transcended the limiting appelations of being a ya writer or a children's writer.

Andre Norton was one.

Jane Yolen is most emphatically another.