untitled poem by Ann Schwader

The haiku below shows how well the haiku form lends itself both to humor and hard science fiction.

Earth Day
the invasion saucers
got recycled

' John Carradine's World '

It has been a while since I last posted a poem at this site and there were too many reasons for this situation. Anyway my poetry collection Private Worlds: A Revised Atlas has been reissued in POD and Ebook formats by Speaking Volumes (www.speakingvolumes.us) and this poem is from that collection. It is a tribute to an actor whom my late mother's late boss proclaimed as the best actor in America. What more can I say--here is the poem.

Take a Peek at NITEBLADE

Niteblade has rapidly become one of the leading showcases for sf/f/h prose and especially poetry among the e-zine community. Below is the url for the current issue so you can see for yourself the high quality of the poetry it publishes.


A View of the film "Rubber" by Scott E. Green

Rubber is a new film about a murederous tire rolling amok in that most dangerous of areas, the rural American Southwest. It is an odd combination of Christine, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Waiting for Godot and every Randolph Scott western you ever saw.

Radial rolling down a Texas two-laner
under the high desert sun.

Blood caked its treads,
the audience high up on a knoll
the unwitting players go through their deaths
not realising
that the tire
will turn on them.

'The Edge of the World' by James S. Dorr

The poem below won the annual Balticon Award in 2006. It was first published in 2006 in the BALTICON 40 PROGRAM BOOK (Baltimore, 2006 )

Culling the family album by David Kopaska-Merkel

This poem is an interesting take on the future of family history. He is the State Geologist of Alabama, publisher /editor of the leading speculative poetry magazine DREAMS & NIGHTMARES and has published 1000 poems in 25 years. Wow what is it with genre writers

yet another recording
of great grandma
on the swing
as a little girl back on Mars

out it goes

the simulacrum's
pleading rises thru
the vocal register
as the code unravels,
ending with a despairing
helium shriek


'Star Casting' by Anthony Bernstein

The poem below is a look at two major icons in hard science fiction; AI and space exploration. This combination often gets a negative image in sf cinema. The poet, Anthony Bernstein shows us a more positive view of this matter. Bernstein has been active as a sf poet and prose writer for 15 years.

The caress of ages
upon mechanized mind
renders our calendar moot.
These travelers marks a new brand of time.
Our fears are not theirs to fathom.
Their futurity not ours to master,
only to map by star and sail.

"The Holo-House Opening " by Terrie Leigh Relf

The poem below explores the future of real estate sales.

The realtor said it was a steal.
so we hired an empath to scan
her to determine multi-layered
meanings, hyperbole ratio, and
other means of obfuscation

There we read the brochures,
spoke to the bank, hired one
of those transgalactic attorneys
on the vid screen, you know the one's
they claim to be able to detect
and interpet the smallest bit or byte
of any contract code violation.

"Beyond the airlock door" by Terrie Leigh Relf

The poem is about an important setting in hard sf films and print but yet gets ignored by poets until now. BTW if you are interested in having one of your speculative poems posted, get in touch with me at sgreenatgrolen [dot] com .

time surely stands still
as it moves between
the syncopated flash
of red and yellow lights
the interstitial pulse

"Unspoken" by Karen Newman

Karen Newman is an emergeing presence in sf/f/h poetry both as a poet and as an editor with Sam's Dot Publishing, a publisher of several sf/f/h print and web magazines. Each title cover a particular segment of speculative poetry. The poem below first appeared in the magazine AOLIFE'S KISS which focuses on high fantasy and s/s prose and poetry. It has elements that hearken back to Poe plus a spoonful of 30's and 40's WEIRD TALES for spice.