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Have you or your students ever struggled and struggled with a writing concept, unable to define it well enough to understand or reproduce it? Imagine having a writing teacher with over twenty published books of her own present that concept in your classroom or workshop in a way that anyone can understand. That is what Jean Lorrah is famous for. Here is a very simple example: Think of a time when you struggled to teach the concept of stress, either in words of several syllables or in poetry. Did you go round and round, using terms like rhythm and emphasis, while half the class who got it instinctively sat there bored, and the rest became more and more confused and finally give up? I'll bet you felt thoroughly frustrated, knowing there had to be a better way to teach such an ordinary concept. But all you had to work with was the way it was taught to you. When Dr. Lorrah teaches stress, she explains that it is nothing more than loudness! If you will tell your students to look for words or syllables that are louder than the rest, they will master the concept of stress in five minutes, and you can go on to the lesson you had intended to teach that day. Not all concepts are that simple, but Jean Lorrah, who has just retired from a long career as a teacher, is an expert at finding approaches to lead students easily into understanding the basics of language, literature, and writing. Imagine having her teach a class or workshop on any of the following topics for your class or workshop: ConflictProtagonist/AntagonistTypes of HeroesTurning Idea into Story Character DevelopmentSuspense (turning your story into a page-turner)How to tell the Same Story in Many Different Ways (and how to tell what story you really want to write)Creating Memorable EndingsComedy, Tragedy, IronyHow to Use Other People's Work in Your Work (legally and morally)Simple Business Rules for WritersManuscript Preparation Don't see the topic you're looking for? Write and ask Dr. Lorrah if she can prepare a lesson or workshop on it. Dr. Lorrah does school visitations and classroom lessons for no charge other than expenses, but charges in addition to expenses for writing workshops. Other situations negotiable (example: fee partially or completely waived if you arrange major market media publicity). Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg (see her entry in this same Speakers' Bureau) have written a number of books together and may be hired together to teach a writing workshop. Jean Lorrah is the creator of the Savage Empire series of novels, has written several Sime~Gen novels with Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and writes a series of children's books on the Loch Ness Monster with Lois Wickstrom. She is the author of the award-winning vampire novel, Blood Will Tell, and has experience as an editor as well as a writer and teacher. A search on her name on amazon.com will turn up many books by her, including four professional Star Trek novels for Pocket Books.

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