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'Crossing-genres or mixing-genres is my most popular topic. I have given writing workshops in almost every format, even including a week long intensive university sponsored workshop. I can speak on "morphing genres" -- telling the same story in more than one genre -- thus gaining control of genre-formulas, learning how to mix them, and increasing chances of a sale. My fees are in addition to transportation, room and board, and printing for handouts. Fees adjust with the necessary preparation and travel time. A long workshop could be more than $500. Locally arranged publicity, (radio, TV-talk, newspaper interviews, book signings) can figure into my compensation. My fantasy-vampire short story series has been dramatized and recorded and broadcast on XM Satellite Radio. Comparing the published story with the radio adaptation is a pointed writing lesson. My Romance Vampire Futuristic SF novels are available, and my Romantic Times Award winning DUSHAU series may soon become available again in e-book and TPB. I am well acquainted with the origin and development of fanfic devoted to books (my own) ( http://www.simegen.com/sgfandom/ )and TV shows and have edited an anthology of professional stories by writers best known for their online fanfic. I have stayed on the cutting edge of internet developments in fiction publication. I am most known for creating aliens and alien civilizations, but my future-earth human-mutation series, Sime~Gen is currently being released in Omnibus reprints and new novels. ( http://www.simegen.net ) I am the primary author of the Bantam paperback Star Trek Lives! which blew the lid on Star Trek fandom in the mid-1970's. I have continued to analyze and review TV SF in my review column as well as moderate panels and contribute to discussions at the World Science Fiction Convention and various Regionals. With 27 years in the business of SF/F I have been the guest speaker at High Schools, colleges, universities, sf/f clubs, reading clubs, and award dinners, speaking on topics ranging from using television sf/f to teach or encourage reading or the art of writing, (http://www.simegen.com/school/) to the mega-trends revealed in Literature over decades ( www.simegen.com/intadv/ ). I focus on issues of concern to the particular organization and relate that to the fields of literature and storytelling. I am well versed in Tarot and Astrology and can teach writing via the use of karmic plotting to those who know these tools. I also do beginner and intermediate Tarot workshops. In addition to my homepage with links to all my activities, you may wish to view or print my Press Kit. Select a year on this page: http://www.simegen.com/press/flyers/presskits/

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