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Author EDWARD M. LERNER has degrees in physics, computer science, and business. Before turning in 2004 to full-time writing, he spent thirty years in high tech at every level from engineer to senior vice president. He's worked at such techie havens as Bell Labs, Hughes Aircraft, and Northrop Grumman -- and at a long-gone start-up of which you've almost certainly never heard. He delivered high-tech products and systems to government agencies (including NASA, the FBI, and the Defense Department) and commercial customers as varied as AT&T and McDonalds. Along the way, he visited a satellite factory, flew the space shuttle training simulator, wandered around the space station trainer, and watched a space shuttle launch. Lerner's novels run the gamut from technothrillers, like Small Miracles, to traditional science fiction, like the InterstellarNet series, to (with NY Times bestselling author Larry Niven) the grand space epic Fleet of Worlds series of Ringworld prequels. Lerner's short fiction has appeared in many of the usual SF magazines, anthologies, and collections. His short story Grandpa? became the award-winning short film The Grandfather Paradox. He writes nonfiction, too, on topics as varied as nanotechnology, privacy in the Internet era, defending Earth from asteroids, and the role of language in science fiction. He also teaches the occasional SF writing class, blogs regularly (at SF and Nonsense) on the state of science and science fiction, and has spoken at, among other venues, the Library of Congress and the US Naval Academy. His fiction has been translated into Chinese, Czech, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, and Russian. Lerner is a member of the Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and SIGMA (not an acronym, but rather a group of SF authors providing pro bono futurism consulting to the U.S. government). Lerner is available for speaking engagements -- about science fiction, writing speculative fiction, and the societal challenges of modern computing trends. His standard speaking fee is $500 plus expenses.

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