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'I'm a longtime fiction writer, journalist, teacher, critic and public speaker. My fiction has won two World Fantasy Awards and the Theodore Sturgeon Award for best science fiction story of the year. My books include BELUTHAHATCHIE AND OTHER STORIES (a fiction collection), CROSSROADS: TALES OF THE SOUTHERN LITERARY FANTASTIC (a fiction anthology co-edited with F. Brett Cox) and ALABAMA CURIOSITIES (nonfiction). I teach seminars on 21st-century science fiction and 21st-century fantasy in the Honors College of the University of Alabama, and I have taught aspiring science fiction, fantasy and horror writers at the Clarion and Clarion West writers' workshops. I wrote the chapter on alternate history in the Hugo Award-winning CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO SCIENCE FICTION. I am an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the Horror Writers Association. By day, I am senior editor at OVERDRIVE magazine, "The Voice of the American Trucker."','Duncan','Northport','AL',1,'',NULL,'87.5371','33.34753'),(118,'Ellen','ellenkushner@comcast.net','2093aa0cdc735b72f7d3212f6f3dcb98','EllenKushner.com','10025','images/abr0v1ae9.jpg','Ellen Kushner may be best known to audiences as the host of PRI's award-winning weekly radio series "Sound & Spirit" -- a weekly exploration of world culture and music praised by Bill Moyers as "the best program on public radio!" -- which has been enthralling national public radio listeners since 1996. But she also has a wide cult following in the world of fantasy literature, drawing on her same keen interest in myth and legend, traditions and beliefs. Her mythic novel THOMAS THE RHYMER swept the fantasy awards in 1991, carrying both the Mythopoeic Award for work most in the spirit of JRR Tolkien/C.S. Lewis, and the World Fantasy Award for best novel. Her first novel, SWORDSPOINT, has become a cult classic of the "mannerpunk" or "fantasy of manners" school of novels influenced equally by Jane Austen and "The Man from UNCLE," and has just been reprinted in a new edition, along with its new sequels, THE PRIVILEGE OF THE SWORD and (co-written with Delia Sherman) THE FALL OF THE KINGS. She is also the author of the children's show "The Golden Dreydl: a Klezmer 'Nutcracker' for Chanukah" (available on CD from Rykodisc). She has taught writing workshops all over the country and in Europe. Ellen Kushner's warm, engaging speaking style highlights her broad knowledge of music and the arts, diverse cultures, and spiritual beliefs. TOPICS include: Fairy Tales, Fantasy & Myth: gifts for survival; Teaching Fantasy: what kids love, and why; Why would a Jew write Fantasy?; How to Trick yourself into Writing when you Are Scared of Writing; Tear Down the Walls: why sf/fantasy don't belong in a separate section of the bookstore; Society Around the World and Through the Ages: how different are we?; Collaboration (with Delia Sherman): how to create a novel together For a list of Ellen's other lectures and performance pieces see:http://www.sff.net/people/kushnerSherman/Kushner/appearance.html She lives on the East Coast, but travels frequently to Arizona and Ohio, and lectures actively all over the U.S. Fees begin at $500, but may be negotiated depending on the size and type of group involved, particularly with non-profit and educational institutions.

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Fantasy: General; Science Fiction: Writing; Society: Other Cultures, Past & Future

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