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M. Keaton was born human but managed to overcome his handicap to become a theoretical nuclear chemist and skilled author with nearly three decades of experience. In addition to his technical writing, he writes fiction across four different genres and three age groups. M. Keaton cut his linguistic and philosophical teeth on the bones of his elders through games of strategy and debates at the dinner table. He began his writing career as a newspaper rat in Springdale, Arkansas, U.S.A. before pursuing formal studies in chemistry, mathematics, and medieval literature at John Brown University. A student of politics, military history, forteana, and game design, his renaissance education inspired the short television series These Teeth Are Real (TTAR). Throughout an extensive education into the theoretical sciences, culminating, ironically, in a Doctorate of Divinity, he never abandoned his first love--the love of story. He has written scientific articles on matters ranging from electrolytic conductivity detection of halogens to nuclear vibratory modes and the probability distributions of matter as well as theological papers, role playing games, and television scripts. The first of his full length novels to see print was Speakers and Kings, a fantasy epic. Most recently, his short fiction has appeared in magazines such as Ray Gun Revival and Abyss & Apex. Convention goers may be more familiar with his (currently unpublished) children's literature such as Purple Wings and Troll Snot and the chap-book Ogre Ugly which premiered at last year's Penguicon 2007. Speaking topics: --Basic Tenants of Creative Writing and the Bardic Tradition --Writing, Editing, and Publishing: A Personal Overview(The I'm a writer and here's my book stuff can be done under either of these first two) --Monomyth, Communication, and Their Relationship with Fiction (This one focuses mainly on the research behind S&K, overlaps into sociology and anthropology, and a bit about archetypes.) --The Science of Chuin Sartre's Wall: A Science Fiction Writer Applies Nuclear Chemistry to the Future (including Light Induction and Propagation, Bell's Theory, Nuclear Vibratory Modes, Lorentzian Relativity, MatterPotentiality, Nanotech, and String Theory). --Weird Science: An Overview of What it Means to be a Fortean --Boys (and Girls) Literacy and the American Educational Model(specifically, why the two are counterproductive to each other) I'd prefer to stay away from politically sensitive issues unless someone is looking for it specifically. Also, I have no problem if they want to set it up as a panel discussion and/or a Q&A.

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