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Michael Arnzen is an energetic, humorous, and engaging speaker on all topics related to the horror genre and/or the craft of creative writing. He is a popular reciter of fiction and poetry, and has spoken to college and high school students, professional writer's groups, academic conferences and professional conventions. Michael Arnzen has been publishing outrageous horror fiction, poetry, insightful literary criticism, helpful "how-to" articles on writing, and hilarious humor articles since 1989. Across his career, Arnzen has won three Bram Stoker Awards, an International Horror Guild Award, and several "Year's Best Horror Story" accolades and reprints. His books include the novels PLAY DEAD and GRAVE MARKINGS. Known for his flash fiction (the best of which is collected in 100 JOLTS: SHOCKINGLY SHORT STORIES) and twisted short poems (published in about seven chapbooks, including the Stoker-winning collection, FREAKCIDENTS), the book HORROR FICTION: AN INTRODUCTION deemed Arnzen "the master of minimalist horror." Always the experimentalist, his writing has appeared on Palm Pilots and postcards, short art films (EXQUISITE CORPSE) and creepy online animation. His latest novel, PLAY DEAD, even inspired a set of custom playing cards. Arnzen's speaking experience and knowledge about the horror genre is extensive. An associate professor of English at Seton Hill University, Arnzen presently teaches full-time in the country's only creative writing program dedicated to Writing Popular Fiction. Aside from teaching writing for over fifteen years, he has run many seminars, lectures and workshops for pro writer's groups across the country. His public speaking skills even paid his way through college (Arnzen was a leader in speech and debate, and an award winner in national competitions at "After Dinner" humorous speaking). Michael Arnzen is a long-time active member of the Horror Writers Association, the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts. He received a Master's degree for writing his second novel at the University of Idaho (1994) and his Ph.D. in English for a study of Freud's theory of "The Uncanny" in popular culture from the University of Oregon (1999). Visit his website, GORELETS.COM, to learn more about Michael Arnzen and subscribe to his award-winning free newsletter, THE GORELETTER. For a full biography, visit this page: http://www.gorelets.com/gorelets/arnzenbio.htm. His fees for speaking are always negotiable, depending on the circumstances. Stipends typically run $350-500 plus travel expenses for an afternoon or evening, depending on venue and audience size. Query Arnzen at: arnzen@gorelets.com *** Speaking experiences have included... Faculty, Master of Arts Program in Writing Popular Fiction, Guest Writer; Odyssey SF/F/H Writer's Workshop, Coordinator; World Horror Convention Writer's Workshop, Lecturer; Ligoneir Valley Writers Workshop, Lecturer; West Virginia Writer's Workshop, Lecturer; Alpha: The Science-Fiction Workshop for Teens, Guest Lecturer; The Global Horror Film, Tufts University, Instructor; Coos Bay Writers Retreat, Lecturer, Klamath Falls Writer's Guild Workshop, Lecturer; PARSEC: Pittsburgh Area Real-time Scientification Club, Lecturer; Salem Writers, Artists, and Publishers Meeting, Lecturer; Rock Eagle Writing Project, Lecturer; Sewickley Prep Academy, Moderator; Barnes & Noble "World's Largest Writer's Workshop", Panelist; World Fantasy Convention, World Horror Convention, Confluence, Moscon, many others. Performative Readings at venues have ranged from libraries to classrooms to conventions to bookstores. Speaking topics might include... Performative: Fiction/poetry reading (performance of horror stories/poems with q&a ). Discussion of the film "Exquisite Corpse" (screen a film featuring Arnzen's writing, followed by open chat) Instructive: How to Read a Horror Novel (discussion of genre conventions and assumptions), How to Watch a Horror Film (discussion specific titles or historical/genre trends), Writing Workshops (active critiquing moderated and contributed to by Arnzen), Breaking Writer's Block (interactive dialogue on combatting roadblocks to creativity and productivity), Writing Flash Fiction (discussion of model stories, techniques, markets, and in-class exercises), Imagery in Genre Fiction Story Timing (an advanced discussion of how to effectively pace a plot), Childhood in Genre Literature (a discussion of childhood as a metaphor in genre fiction and film), Understanding Stephen King, Understanding David Cronenberg, Understanding Martin Scorsese, Memoir Writing Classic Horror Fiction Issues Related to Popular FictionThe Internet and Genre Publishing Alternative Forms and Experiments in the Genres.

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