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Skylor Willis


Woodland Hills






'Bio :Experience encompasses: owning and operating a promotional company in Europe; establishing one of the world's top aesthetician colleges; founding cold laser technology and launching it into the cosmetic arena; inventing, developing and rolling out various nutraceutical and cosmetic products; owner/publisher of an international magazine (7 years); and president of a clinical research company specializing in biotechnology (12 years), consultant and advisor to major corporations. Speaking Topics: Dealing With Rapid Change: Why today's corporate culture is doomed to fail. The future of business transactions and relationships. Teamwork - the missing link. Other Cultures Past and Present: What shaped the female role in society from the state of nature to present? Futurism: Artificial Intelligence. The inevitable danger of modeling the human brain.The sexual future. Sexuality and Artificial Intelligence. "The ownership of the world's food resources by the Pharmaceutical Industry: Genomic biological engineering. Warning! Will water become more expensive than oil? "Water Barons" are purchasing large shares of the global supply of drinking water. Medicine and healthcare in 2030. The future of "Big Pharma". Industry business dynamics and models. Science: Biology and Medicine: Drug development: Medicine tailored to the individual's unique physiological profile: pharmacogenomics Death of the blockbuster drug and the effect on the pharmaceutical industry. Remote medicine. State of the industry and future trends. The scientific race to save the male gender. Address to the corruption of the Y chromosome. The hidden danger of seedless product! The pharmaceutical industry's growing control over major segments of the food market. Where will it end? Biotechnology: Industry update: Proteomics, bio-generics, nanotechnology, robotics, genomics, pharmacogenomics, bioinformatics, combination biology, applied therapeutics, angiogenesis, and stem cells. Fees: Fee Basis ranging from $500.00 to $5,000.00 (depending upon the event and complexity of the material). Gratis (no charge) for specific causes and selected charity events. (Please enquire) (Website is under construction. I apologize for any inconvenience)

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