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I started writing in my teens; published just enough SF to qualify for SFWA (and bought a lifetime membership, intelligently), returned to college after raising a family, earned a Ph.D. and currently teach at Truman State University. I teach SF and F when possible, although cutbacks in faculty make it less an option than it was. I'm also 'past' retirement age, and probably will retire in 2008, when I hit 75. My experience lands more in the realms of historical sf and feminist issues; I'm not exactly an expert in any one issue, although I do enjoy talking with groups and encouraging them to answer their own questions (if and when they can). I don't do horror, as a rule, although I've read and enjoyed some vampire stories; I'm not a Stephen King fan or really into long, long series. On the other hand, I do keep up with YA fantasy (as much as I can), and Lois Bujold is both a personal friend and a favorite author. I also enjoy (and teach) American Indian literature, and once in a while I come across a good crossover I could discuss; William Sanders' work particularly. (If you haven't read "The Ballad of Billy Badass and the Rose of Turkestan", you should.) I probably won't drive long distances to speak--over 100 miles, unless helped along--and Kirksville does not enjoy multiple modes of public transportation. (Currently we have a sort of an airline; how long that will last, if we don't get ILS installed, is anyone's guess. It goes to KC. I didn't plan out the writing of this, so if it's scrambled or unhelpful, ask relevant questions and I'll try to answer them.

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