Why Read SF?

Chance are strong that you, dear reader – yes, you – may already read SF regularly. If that’s the case, then you know why it’s good to read SF.

SF is a genre that values deep, rigorous thought about principles of human behavior and the sciences that surround, influence, and augment human lives. It extrapolates from present-day conditions and development into potential futures, or it uses the future as a way of looking at the present the same way we look at our past. In short, it gives us a fun, innovative way of exercising our need for imaginative play while also giving us a chance to find much-needed distance from ourselves and our world, in order to better understand or challenge it.

AboutSF exists, of course, as support for those who teach and study SF at a variety of academic levels, and as such we always host our materials, essays, etc. for the use and support of teachers and educational professionals. That said, the great thing about SF is that even though it helps to have someone teach you how to read it and understand it, if you’re a good reader and willing to learn, you can educate yourself.

So, for those willing and able to teach yourselves, to be your own teachers whenever possible, peruse our reading guides to various SFnal topics and cultures, to help guide you as you make your own explorations through this surprisingly deep and multi-layered literary landscape. We will update this page regularly as we find great new reading guides and free SF stories online to share, classic and new alike.