"She Dwells in Dust," Elizabeth Barrett


A significant current in the creation of sf/f/h poetry is images and themes harvested from modern religious systems that strongly embrace magic (pagan,wiccan, neo-druid et al). Elizabeth Barrett is a prolific writer, a priestess in the pagan community and a member of the faculty of the Grey School of Magic. Her book COMPOSING MAGIC (2007) is an important resource for writing poems of magic, spells and incantations as well as many other topics of interest to a serious believer in the efficacy of magic.

However much of her poetry can not be easily defined. They are interesting fusions of poems of science with magic. Perhaps we might have to refer them as poems of magic reality. Below is one of her poems that is such a fusion. It is about the Mars Rover on Mars . It has not been published outside of her LiveJournal web site.

' She Dwells in Dust '

She crossed the black floor of Nox's realm.
And entered the red palace of Mars.

She danced across her rusty sands.
Her steel skirts sweeping the ground.
Her glass jewels glittering in the star light.

She gazed fearless, up on the faces
of Deimos and Phobos far above.

Now she is still waiting, watching
Breathless in anticipation of the next score
She dwells in dust, a statue in his silent palace.

Mars, god of iron and technology
Views her offering with grave regard.