Sekhmet Dances by Denise Dumars


Denise Dumars has several parallel careers in the science fiction/fantasy/horrorr communities and being a poet is one of them. She is also a worshiper of the Egyptian goddess Isis. The poem below, 'Sekhmet Dances,' draws upon that belief system for its imagery and purpose.

'Sekhmet Dances '
On my bones,
Nilotic clay
Flaying the pale skin
Breathing red into my veins.
In ale and pomegranates
I taste her teeth
See her gold eyes
In the hungry
Faces of the fellahin.
May I shed myself
Unravel and re-form
In tawny sleek
Soft padded paws.
Sekhmet dances
On my soul
Stretched and sere
A snakeskin outworn
Rough, translucent
Ghulskin my only offering
To Her.
(I had a pelt once
And cubs
Could pant and loll
Beside my sisters.)
Crowned with sandy mane
I live anew into the night
Lick the unabraded ankles
Of the fallen
With my rough, red tongue.