Eden 2350 by Marge Simon


Marge Simon has been the editor of STAR*LINE, the newsletter/journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. In the past nine years much of her work as a poet has been influenced by the THIRD MILLENIUM, a non-fiction work on the future direction of humanity. The following poem is an example of the poems by her that have influenced her work. It also has a strong flavor of Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD .

Eden 2350

I am the product
of the new monasticism,
a test tube child,
of same sex parents
from one of many private Eden's

They chose isolation
on a parcel of undesirable land
to create an ecology,
a dome world ecology,
carefully controlled
and dedicated to achieve
their niche in Paradise.

They taught me the history
of the ruined world beyond,
no more than an abstraction
in my sheltered life.

Since their deaths,
I've created alternating configurations,
a plenitude of enigmatic life forms.
I've generated an experience
purely instinctual,
as an artist like Rousseau
must have felt in his attempts
to pull a third dimension from the canvas.

It is a micro-world of wonder,
un-amenable to words of any kind
where all soldifies, disappears, refines ,
a continuum of colored mists,
an ephemeral ecosystem
in constant change

winged lizards dissolve
to reform again as blackbirds,
in the blue eyed grass

oleander pods dehisce
and from them pour a myraid
of rainbowed mollusks.
Sunset may be any time,
or moon rise follow dawn

My Eden would cajole the eyes
of yet another age to come.
My creations are my purpose.
There's no better life
beyond the dome.
I should desire no more.

I am a child of the True Faith.
Yet my belief falters for I knew
there will be no further generations here.

I'm not an immortal
I'm a prisoner in a dome,
creator of a wasted masterpiece
And none will ever know