'Dark of the Moon ' by Mary Turzillo


The following poem is a humourous look at lycanthropy. The poem appeared in Turzillo's collection YOUR CAT & OTHER ALIEN SPECIES (Cleveland: Van Zeno, 2007). Her work has appeared frequently in ASIMOV"S and other leading showcases for sf/f/h poetry and has won the Rhysling.

Whiskers smelling of milk and tuna,
he slinks into his mistress's bedroom
intent on rubbing against her legs
and, since he is tonight her same species,
further up. Beware, werecat mistress,
the front claws, the barbed penis.

Yanked from the seafood tank,
eyestalks trembling in terror,
to be boiled alive , smothered in butter-
but saved by the dark of the moon,
the werelobster leaps out of the pot.

She sings her high whine
when the moon gets full,
party crasher who slips through torn screen
be sure to seal your door
lest your blood flow
to a weremosquito.

help me help me
get revenge says he,
brandishing anti-people spray
Tonight the dark moon makes me a man
to swat, to poison you.
At last I avenge my murdered maggots-
I, werefly.