"Unspoken" by Karen Newman


Karen Newman is an emergeing presence in sf/f/h poetry both as a poet and as an editor with Sam's Dot Publishing, a publisher of several sf/f/h print and web magazines. Each title cover a particular segment of speculative poetry. The poem below first appeared in the magazine AOLIFE'S KISS which focuses on high fantasy and s/s prose and poetry. It has elements that hearken back to Poe plus a spoonful of 30's and 40's WEIRD TALES for spice.

Bedecked in a flowing red robe,
Lord Hatred lowers the drawbridge
to beckon his minions of fear
to a gala at his castle.

With a crooked grin and a wink
of a green eye, he leads them
to a banquet hall festooned
with balloons filled with
the hot air of indignation unspoken.

The table is set
with hands washed of blame
on a cloth of lace woven
from the spines of the spineless.

The minions of fear feast on frozen jaws
topping cakes of tongues
thick from lashings unspoken.

They dance to the last vestiges
of hearts beating in rhythm
to the symphony of maggots
ingesting dying dreams.

Lord Hatred toasts victory
with a chalice dripping with blood
to forever celebrate
the silence of lives unspoken.