"The Holo-House Opening " by Terrie Leigh Relf


The poem below explores the future of real estate sales.

The realtor said it was a steal.
so we hired an empath to scan
her to determine multi-layered
meanings, hyperbole ratio, and
other means of obfuscation

There we read the brochures,
spoke to the bank, hired one
of those transgalactic attorneys
on the vid screen, you know the one's
they claim to be able to detect
and interpet the smallest bit or byte
of any contract code violation.

Everything seemed fine-even more
than fine...so we went to the openning,
press our thumbs to the escrow screen
and then our realtor was off on the next shuttle
leaving us behind in the holo-house
we'd just purchased leaving us alone in our
supposed dream home with one question
still left unanswered...

"But how does it work?"