'Star Casting' by Anthony Bernstein


The poem below is a look at two major icons in hard science fiction; AI and space exploration. This combination often gets a negative image in sf cinema. The poet, Anthony Bernstein shows us a more positive view of this matter. Bernstein has been active as a sf poet and prose writer for 15 years.

The caress of ages
upon mechanized mind
renders our calendar moot.
These travelers marks a new brand of time.
Our fears are not theirs to fathom.
Their futurity not ours to master,
only to map by star and sail.

Skyward they leapt in mass,
packing vessels that dwarfed
Terra's greatest metropolis.
Cast far across the face of history,
they skate the star-beam
skyward ever skyward,
to a palace of light in the primordial void
in slow time.
In deep time.
Counting time no clock may keep
nor flesh realize.