Book review SURREALITIES by Bruce Boston


Book review SURREALITIES by Bruce Boston, ( Colusa CA, 2011, Dark Regions, pb,ISBN978-1-037128-13-5 ,$9.95

By now if you are reading this section you probably know that Bruce Boston is the leading poet in the sf/f/h genres and one of the most prolific. This new collection from him is devoted to surreal poems he has published in the past s well as original ones written for the collection. Surreal is a form that is well suited to the sf/f/h genres and Boston is adept at writing them but I have yet to see a form that Boston did not do well. My only caveat is that I think surreal poems that work best are those of teN lines or less and most of the poems in this collection are over ten lines. I can only say that many editors disagree with me.

My own personal favorite is this segment from the poem 'Dali's Ego on Karloff's Frankenstein "

"I would grant him color
and drench him in absolute
until his countenance
was sad boiling "