AboutSF is Back Up and Running!

We're back! It took us a little while, but AboutSF is back up and running, good as new. We've decided to shake things up by using a new design scheme for the site, which we hope will make it easier to use the site on a regular basis, on a variety of devices and platforms. Everything from the old site, content-wise, is still here and easy to use and access.

Welcome to AboutSF

AboutSF is the educational outreach branch of the Center for the Study of Science fiction at the University of Kansas.

We encourage scholars, readers, instructors, and fans to connect with each other, utilize our resources, and share their ideas about anything SF. Founded in 2005, we're now in our tenth year of operation. Our programs include our Science Fiction Summer School, our Portable SF Workshop, our Teaching Workshop, the Speculative Speakers database, and all the resources we provide on our site for free.