About Us

About Us

AboutSF is the educational outreach branch of the Center for the Study of Science fiction at the University of Kansas. We work to give educators and librarians the resources they need to teach science fiction at all levels of education, and to empower fans to spread the word themselves.

Founded in 2005, we're now in our eighth year of operation.

Our programs include our Science Fiction Summer School, our Portable SF Workshop, our Teaching Workshop, the Speculative Speakers database, and all the resources we provide on our site for free.

Our Staff

Meagan Kane -- Volunteer Coordinator

Meagan is an undergrad at the University of Kansas, hoping to get a B.A. in English. In her spare time, she gets mad about feminism and science fiction on the internet. She keeps a detailed record of the publication of every Tiptree story on her computer, and isn't even ashamed.

Mackenzie VanBeest -- Volunteer Coordinator

Mackenzie is a grad student at the University of Kansas currently studying Children's Literature. She once wrote a sixty-five page paper on Ender's Game. Read more »

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